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Diamond Microdermabrasion Vs Crystal Microdermabrasion Which Treatment is Best

Determining which type of microdermabrasion is best for you will require a little research on your part. There are two types of machines, a diamond microdermabrasion, and a crystal microdermabrasion. The crystal microdermabrasion machines were the first used, and after the arrival of this technology in the USA, a diamond microdermabrasion system was developed.

There are two basic types of microdermabrasion machines, one uses granular crystals blasted onto the skin through a wand, and another uses a diamond tip abrasive attached to the end of a wand. Both machines have a vacuum attached to the wand to suction away the excess crystals, and dead skin debris. Both types of machines are effective in achieving the outcome of a softer and youthful appearance.

Crystal microdermabrasion was one of the first types of dermal renewal. It works by blasting tiny crystals (like baking soda, or aluminum oxide) through a wand onto the area of skin to be treated. The wand also has a suction apparatus that will vacuum up the excess crystals and the dead skin cells removed during the procedure. The crystals are essentially harmless; however, some people may have a skin reaction to the aluminum oxide. No documentation exists to this effect, and likely, the irritations were a result of misusing the machine.

The diamond microdermabrasion machine introduced a cleaner way to perform the treatment as it eliminates the crystals and just has an abrasive diamond dust tip attached to the end of the wand. This diamond tip abrades the surface to scrape your skin and remove the dead skin cells. This machine also has a vacuum to suction away debris and dead skin cells.

The crystal method is may be more efficient as the velocity of the expelled crystals more deeply penetrate the surface in a wider spectrum of the skin. The refined tip of the diamond machine serves to extract a smaller space and some feel it is more efficient and cleaner.

You might consider checking Internet forums or chat rooms on health and beauty to get varied opinions of people who use each machine and determine which system is best for you.

The diamond microdermabrasion system is the latest technology used by professionals in commercial machines as well as in many home systems. Regardless of your choice, both systems will offer you the opportunity to acquire a more beautiful and youthful appearance.a

Top Jewelry Trends for Spring & Summer

1. Discover the colors for spring & summer 2006. Colors are becoming more peaceful and understated. Classic black and white are back. So, think black onyx and diamonds. Besides black and white, you will see medium tones (not too light, not too bright) of yellow, coral, green & blue with liberal splashes of peach, pink and purple. So, jewelry search terms that include citrine, coral, peridot, emerald, blue topaz and blue sapphire coupled with peach aventurine, pink topaz, rose quartz and amethyst will match the outfits you compile this spring and summer. For the budget-minded, there are some awesome new CZ colors that suit this year’s wardrobe.

2. Look for short and chunky necklaces. Along with this year’s flirty, innocent trend in fashion we find chokers are back. Chunky jewelry remains popular. But, the simple, classic chain necklace with a solitaire or cluster of gemstones on the pendant will work equally well. Just don’t wear them too long. Necklaces are meant to feature the throat this season.

3. Filigree designs are very popular. In keeping with this year’s innocent, teasing styles, delicate filigree jewelry designs are very popular. Intricate, feminine gold and silver filigree settings are very much sought-after. Rings set in filigree styling are especially hot, hot, hot!

4. Romance rules. Three stone rings with the romantic “past, present, future” message are as much in favor as ever. Sparkling anniversary bands continue to be in demand, but these are no longer limited to diamonds. Look for anniversary bands with five gemstones – all the same color or a rainbow of gemstones that reflect the many facets of your relationship. Heart-shaped jewelry causes women to entertain all sorts of ideas. It never looks prettier than when the heart(s) have been embellished with fine natural gemstones.

5. Look for shorter earrings. The ultra long, slinky earrings are stepping back this season and slightly shorter, fuller earrings are taking center stage instead. Dangling earrings and chandeliers get the stamp of approval. This season’s earrings are tad bit shorter and a lot more chunky than last year. Good search terms are chandelier earrings or drop earrings.

6. Wear bunches of bracelets. Charm bracelets & bangles are both well-liked. Wear them in bunches rather than one at a time.

7. Check out the trends in gemstones. Semi-precious and opaque gems are favorites this year – not just facet-quality gems. Choose from coral, carnelian, a variety of agates, turquoise and one of the many jaspers. Even wood and shell jewelry work for casual dressing with wood being particularly admired.

This year, as you build your jewelry wardrobe piece by piece, consider this year’s new trendy colors and styles before you invest. By carefully combining jewelry classics with the year’s best trends, your new jewelry choices will become lifelong favorites – maybe even the heirlooms you proudly share with your daughters someday.

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