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Diamonds Buying the Very Best

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Based on our experience of buying and selling diamonds, we have a number of suggestions, which may help in the selection process of your diamond purchase for “colour”, “clarity”, “cut” and “carat” weight. (This is commonly known as the ‘Four C’s of Diamond Buying’). Most customers appreciate some basic guidance to obtain the best value for money when choosing a suitable diamond for their particular requirements.

Deciding on the shape is the first step in the diamond selection process. Everyone has a preference for a particular shape or cut. It is extremely important to determine the diamond shape first as this can effect the final purchase price quite dramatically.

If you want to maximize the diamond purchase, while limiting the amount of money spent to a given budget then we suggest you consider a diamond with a Colour Grade of G to J. The reason for this is easy to understand. Diamonds in these colour ranges are still virtually white, or near colourless, but the prices are possibly jewelry or more below the D, E and F colour ranges. Once set in a ring or other piece of jewellery they’ll look fantastic and diamonds of this quality are used in most good quality jewellery today!

Similar savings can be applied to the diamond clarity grades. The technical Gemmological definition of an SI1 Clarity Grade, for example, states: “The Imperfection within the diamond cannot be seen with the naked eye, but can easily be seen with the aid of a 10 X power loupe”. Following this definition, if a customer purchases an SI1 Clarity Graded Diamond, they can save an additional jewelry or more over the top clarity grades assuming all other grades, Colour, Cut, and Carat weight remain the same.

Cut determines the sparkle and overall brightness of a diamond so always look out for a good cut (or a well ‘made’ stone). Learn what the specifications need to be for a great cut for your shape of diamond and then find the best value within those criteria. An Ideal cut stone is jewelry – jewelry higher in price over a well made stone. Buy a diamond with a ‘good’ cut and you will be rewarded with a stone that really sparkles!

In most cases, as the carat weight of the stone increases, so does the per-carat price of the diamond. A carat is a unit of weight which is equal to one fifth of a gram. A small diamond that weighs less than a carat is often described in points with one point being equal to 0.01ct. It is also important to be aware that a ring with a single 1.0ct diamond can be valued at more than ten times as much as a ring with a total weight of 1.00ct of diamonds made up of many smaller stones of equal quality.

Whilst this article endeavours to offer some basic guidance it should be noted that there is actually far more to buying diamonds than simply the “Four C’s to Diamond Buying”. Other things should also be considered in order to obtain a really good buy. For example the “transparency” of the stone is an important factor and any detected “treatments” will also affect quality and value. These topics will be examined in future articles.

As a small family run business Paul Wright Jewellery has exhibited its handcrafted silver and gold jewellery throughout the United Kingdom since 1995 at important international events such as the Badminton and Burghley Horse Trials, the Royal Show, the Royal Highland Show and other large country events.

Top Jewelry Trends This Season

When the season changes, so does the style in terms of fashion and jewelry. It is similar to the way the colours of fashion items change. In the winter, people like to wear darker colours, or darker shades, and in the summer, people wear bright colours.

It is the same with jewelry. This is mainly, people wear certain items of jewelry to match their outfits. So, they would be less likely to wear pearls with a dark outfit, and more likely to wear lighter jewelry with lighter outfits.

Function of the outfit

A trend in jewelry also depends on the reason that people are wearing certain outfits. If they are wearing a ball gown, for a special event, they might not want to wear friendship bracelets because they won’t go with the outfit. In the case of a ball gown, people are more likely to wear pearls.

If you are wondering what the trends are for this season, then this is the article for you. The aim of this article is to give you an insight into what jewelry items will look better for the summer.

Cultured Jewelry

In the summer season, people are more interested in wearing jewelry that might have been hand made in different countries. This is because the items are colourful and extremely light.

If you are in the heat, the last thing you want is a chunky, gold bangle on your wrist that is heavy and will stick to your hot skin. So, lighter is better.

Another reason for handmade jewelry is that they are durable. For example, if you want to go swimming, you might find that the seawater will damage some more expensive items. But, with handmade items that might be made of cotton, or leather, you can do what you want in them and they won’t get damaged.


Stacking jewelry is a massive trend for this season, and another reason that handmade items are better. If you stack gold jewelry, then it might look a little too much. But, if you stack friendship bracelets with festival bracelets, then it is a more fashionable look.

This trend is one of the few trends that will cross over between genders. Stacked bracelets look awesome on men and women and most of the jewelry tends to be unisex.

However, if you notice that a bracelet is thinner or thicker, then these bracelets have been made with gender in mind, thinner for women and thicker for me. Unisex bracelets will be sized somewhere in the middle.


Stacking is a trend with necklaces but there are some rules. You can’t just buy 10 of the same chain and wear them all. You have to mix and match so that it looks good.

You should also aim to only stack 2 or 3 necklaces otherwise they will become too heavy and uncomfortable on your skin. A good look is to wear a handmade charm necklace with black rope and then wear a chain necklace with another charm on.

The trick is to wear necklaces of different sizes, so that the charms don’t hang on top of each other. Some people will wear a short rope necklace, and a longer chain, so that one charm hangs down to the middle of the shirt, making it a more featured item.

Be Unique

With jewelry, the main trend is to be unique, but to stay within the general idea. So, if it is fashionable to wear an indian gemstone ring, you could be unique with the colour of the ring.

Roberto Coin Jewelry and Its Quick Rise to the Top

Roberto Coin designer jewelry arrived onto the international stage of luxury jewelry in 1977 and quickly established itself as a leader among the top jewelry brands, especially among other Italian brands such as Damiani and Di Modolo.

An infant jewelry company among age old brands, such as Cartier and Piaget, the Roberto Coin Company was not distracted with attempting a meaningless game of catch up with these mature brands. Instead, Roberto Coin focused on its mission and future goals in the jewelry industry which had immediate and lasting positive results.

Upon its founding, Roberto Coin’s primary focus was to manufacture fine jewelry for other internationally known and prestigious brands. They provided high quality artistic and precise craftsmanship to these brands for the next 19 years. As the Roberto Coin name became known and their reputation built, the company introduced the Roberto Coin brand in 1996. The Roberto Coin line showcased the dazzling yellow gold and diamond jewelry for which the Roberto Coin name has become synonymous.

The company and the new line of luxury jewelry quickly grew up and joined the ranks of the leading jewelry brands – including some of the brands for which the company had been the manufacturer during its early years. By 2000, just four short years after the introduction of the brand line, Roberto Coin was number seven among the best known jewelry brands in the United States. Achieving high rankings in the USA was crucial to their success and popularity in Italy because of the high visibility and pure love and fascination with American movie and television celebrities in Italy. Then, a mere two years later in 2002, the Roberto Coin brand was third in the international players of luxury jewelry and first among all of the Italian jewelers.

Today, in 2007, Roberto Coin continues to introduce new and fashion forward fine jewelry to their already expansive and impressive line of collections. Maintaining collections over a period of years, Roberto Coin updates the look, style and feel of a collection by making small yet powerful changes. The Appassionata collection is one of the trademark and classic Roberto Coin collections. Discover all the amazing collections and wear the Roberto Coin jewelry with pride just as they take pride in being among the top and the most popular designer jewelry brands in the industry and the world.

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Top Jewelry Design Trends

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If you are passionate about jewelry it is important for you to stay up-to-date on the most recent jewelry designs.  shows a rising regard for pearl and diamonds as compared to other natural stones. Proper selection of pearls as well as elegant designs allows pearl jewelry to best serve those seeking sophisticated ornaments. This year some exclusively designed pearl necklaces and bracelets have come up. Jewellery manufacturer and Jewelry designer bring jewelry items with perfect gemstones and brand new designs. The pieces are scrutinized carefully before being released to the customers. These manufacturers work toward attaining the top level of quality and combine detailed work with creativity.

If pearl has a renowned name as a “wedding gem” diamond is considered “girl’s best friend”. Despite its high price range diamonds have also remained another favorite. , however, has also signaled the coming of the classy colored diamond. Though these diamonds are costly, wearing them carries its own dignity and high-class appeal. Diamond-studded hoop earrings with delicate designs created through the careful craftsmanship of the skilled jewelry designer. Hoop earrings, which had disappeared in the recent past, are now making a prominent comeback. , we are seeing many women sporting large hoop earrings.

If diamonds prove to be too much for your pocketbook, you might be glad to know that gold is making its way back into fashion as well. Though we have witnessed a considerable setback for gold in past years, . This upsurge in the popularity of gold jewelry is accompanied by a significant increase in the variety of jewelry designs. Gold has been a well-known metal for centuries and continues to be popular with all age groups. Today, it is possible to easily obtain elegant designs in gold jewelry because jewelry designers can now be looked up online. You can browse through, and choose from their online patterns.

6 Practical Watch Buying Tips For Shoppers

Teaming the right accessories with the perfect outfit is the secret to always dressing right for the occasion, which is why shopping for watches, be it the pendant variety, a wrist watch or a bracelet watch requires a little forethought to get value for money with added style!

This article covers some of the 6 most important points about buying watches that many shoppers tend to overlook and thus, end up with just another average time piece instead of getting a wardrobe upgrade factor that the ideal watch can well be.

Factors to consider when buying a watch:

  1. Determine the occasion and purpose of the watch before purchasing the first trendy piece you see at the shop. This means considering whether you will wear it to work, for travel, sporty activities, after hours (leisure or business socializing) etc.
  2. Estimate a budget so you don’t go overboard or sting on a quality piece if you come across one. For example, if it’s a luxury watch, be prepared to shell out a minimum of $ 18000 for the basic models of an Omega, Christian Dior or Tag Heuer. If you are confident of carrying off a quality replica in style, there are numerous fake designer watches you can buy at one-fourth the price of the original with all the features and durability of the genuine luxury watch.
  3. If investment is your objective, then it is advisable to shop only at reputed jewelry showrooms and antique shops for collector’s items. These may include limited edition watches or hand crafted watches comprising precious metals, gems and special techniques besides boasting illustrious prior owners – factors that mainly justify the expensive price tags accompanying most unique watches.
  4. Check for physical features, like aesthetics, functionality, weight, and dial size for judging suitability of purchase when you go watch shopping. For example, you may want to match your new watch with a particular type of outfit or simply one special dress; you may also want to coordinate your new watch with other jewelry pieces, such as rings, bracelets, belts, shoes etc.
  5. Consider your body type before purchasing a watch since your built and style of dressing (sophisticated, businesslike, progressive, radical, etc.) influences how the watch will look on you. For example, popular shapes like round, oval, rectangular, square, tonneau (a watch having curved edges to the right & left sides of the watch case) help wearers achieve the conventional, progressive, dressy, sophisticated or business like look, respectively. Pick the type that complements your personality and lifestyle.
  6. Give a thought to the weight of the watch based on how long you expect to wear it because lighter watches can be easily worn for longer periods while heavier, fancier and oft times, more precious watches may only have a limited comfort wear period. It is the case metal, strap or bracelet feature that determines the weight of the watch so base your watch selection on these factors. Generally, if the case is small, or has a leather or rubber strap, the watch will be lightweight as compared to those with a metal bracelet.

Ladies Watches Some Buying Tips

This article gives a few tips on buying ladies watches. The tips could also apply to buying men’s watches.

When buying a watch for someone else, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Firstly, there are so many watches to choose from and secondly, it is difficult to know which watches are good and which to avoid buying. Ladies watches can prove more difficult to choose, since the look of the watch is possibly more important to a woman than a man. This is where a good watch dealer can help. By choosing a well-respected named brand from an authorized dealer, you will find choosing the right one becomes easier. Even within a highly respected brand, some watches will be a better buy than others, and the dealer will be able to steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing.

To ensure you get the right watch, you should consider where the watch will be worn. For example, will it be worn for outdoor activities such as hiking, sailing, diving etc. or will it be worn with an elegant dress? It’s a good idea to also think about the features which the person you are buying the watch for would want. Do they prefer a watch which just shows the time, or are there certain features which they would find useful?

If you are unable to buy from a watch dealer, then you may have to opt for buying online. It can be easy to compare prices online and get a good deal, but the downside is that you can’t actually handle the watches before you buy. If possible, find a watch which you like online and then have a look at the same one in a shop where you can handle it. You will then have a good idea of the quality of the watch and can then buy online with more confidence. Deciding on how much you want to spend and then sticking to that amount can also make choosing a lot easier. Keep in mind any allergies the wearer may have, and avoid watches with materials which the wearer may be sensitive to.

Before buying online you should also check to see what sort of warranty is being offered, and also check the delivery costs. Find out the return policy too, just in case the watch is unsuitable and needs to be sent back.