Top Jewelry Trends for Spring & Summer

1. Discover the colors for spring & summer 2006. Colors are becoming more peaceful and understated. Classic black and white are back. So, think black onyx and diamonds. Besides black and white, you will see medium tones (not too light, not too bright) of yellow, coral, green & blue with liberal splashes of peach, pink and purple. So, jewelry search terms that include citrine, coral, peridot, emerald, blue topaz and blue sapphire coupled with peach aventurine, pink topaz, rose quartz and amethyst will match the outfits you compile this spring and summer. For the budget-minded, there are some awesome new CZ colors that suit this year’s wardrobe.

2. Look for short and chunky necklaces. Along with this year’s flirty, innocent trend in fashion we find chokers are back. Chunky jewelry remains popular. But, the simple, classic chain necklace with a solitaire or cluster of gemstones on the pendant will work equally well. Just don’t wear them too long. Necklaces are meant to feature the throat this season.

3. Filigree designs are very popular. In keeping with this year’s innocent, teasing styles, delicate filigree jewelry designs are very popular. Intricate, feminine gold and silver filigree settings are