Useful Ideas On Choosing A Reliable Jewelry Retailer

Contacting a reliable jewelry retailer is a big challenge for those who are interested to venture in this industry. Online and printed guides may tell you to look for them through trade organizations and/or recommendations from popular dealers and purchasers. It may sound like a professional advice. However, nothing beats knowing what to communicate to your prospect retailers once you meet them.

For you to draw good judgment whether your chosen retailer is trustworthy, feed your mind first with the essential information that a genuine jeweler slash seller must be able to talk about. Here are some helpful insights.

Price Versus Background

There are reasons why jewelry pieces are priced differently – differentiating the expensive from the less expensive ones. A dealer who can explain exactly how the weight and identity of a precious metal or stone identify the selling of an item truly knows what he is selling.

Stone Treatments

Jewelers disclose stone treatments to their clients. They believe that the latter need to know everything about jewelry pieces they will purchase. Say, a stone is untreated. Jewelry retailer should be upfront with it because it costs more than the treated ones. One way to test whether your jeweler is honest and knowledgeable is to ask him about the emeralds he is selling. Are they treated? If he denies any treatment, he may be dishonest or misinformed for all emeralds are treated to enhance apparent clarity.

Stone Cuts And Differences

Specific stone cuts produce a fine make. Cut-stones may be classified into fine, average and poor. A jeweler must differentiate each. Ask him, does this stone possess a strong window or a thick girdle? Let him identify the best-cut gems that most top jewelry stores offer. Differences in cuts are prominent among diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. As you compare one diamond to another, you’ll learn that some diamond cuts are more proportioned than others.

Jewelry Craftsmanship

Authentic jewelers find it a big opportunity on their part when they are asked about the quality of their products. Genuine as they are, there is nothing for them to hide as they create their treasure pieces in excellence. They can openly relate the edge of their mountings, settings and finishes over those of their competitors. Workmanship is their pride. You will sense that in everything they say.

Loupe Inspection And Return Policy

Loupes or hand magnifiers are used to closely see the quality of stone. Jewelers offer their clients these so as for them to be more convinced to purchase the items they are eying.

Genuine articles are often backed up by a money back guarantee – 100% money back guarantee to be exact. This gives assurance to the customers that they are not dealing with any fly-by-night store. A reliable jewelry retailer secures his clients a written copy of the return policy and receipt of payment. Should you pay for your purchase using your credit or debit card, you will be assured that all your bank and personal information are safe from fraud.